Charlotte Tilbury makeup launch

So the legendary make up artist Charlotte Tilbury has finally launched her own make up brand. Charlotte is well know for her fabulous work with celebrities such as Rihanna and Kate Moss .The brand is currently only available to buy online on her website or selfridges online and instore.

As expected the makeup looks sleek and luxurious with the burgundy and gold casing. I visited London Selfridges a couple of weeks after launch and tried a few things I had read up about and below is a short review of each:

The Bar Of Gold £30- a gold powder highlighter.
> I found this product so pretty the colour is so flattering for all skin complexions however for me it was a bit too glittery to wear during the day but definitely a must on a night out.
*3.5 stars

Wonderglow £38.50- ‘complexion-enhancing light diffuser’
> This elixir is great to wear on it’s own and as a base for foundation. It’s light and gives tired skin a great pick me up and instantly gives you a radiant dewy complexion.
*4.5 stars

Full fat Lashes £22- ‘a 5 star mascara’ adds length-drama-volume-deprecation-curl
>My first impressions WOW!!!! This mascara literally does all those 5 things but what is most apparent is the instant volume and length it gives you. The brush captures even the smallest of lashes and lifts them. My new favourite mascara.
*5 stars

Also I would highly recommend the ‘Cheek to Chic – Swish and Pop blusher’ this is a great blush for anyone who struggles with applying their blush, it’s such a good concept, you can read more on her website:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post give it a like or any comments you have/feedback. Hopefully I’ll be blogging more frequently now that I’ve settled into university! Let me know if you want me to blog about anything specific!

LOVE xoxo


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