Introduction to my work life wardrobe

Hello Visitors,

Again let me start by firstly apologizing for my HUGE lack of absence, it was not intentional I promise, just this year of university has been jam-packed and if I’m honest had a little bit of ‘writers-block’ too.

So I’ve recently started a new chapter in my life. For my university course I have the option of doing a year on a placement in your chosen industry. As I study such a widely diverse degree, I could pretty much go into any field of business. However with my sales background,  I thought it’d be wise to choose a role which I already had an insight to.

Luckily finding a placement didn’t take me too long as I know so many students who send over 100 applications before finding themselves a job. I was fortunate enough to be selected for a multinational technology product and service provider in a sales role.

Now of course once I got over the initial excitement of being offered the job my next thought went onto what I’d wear in my day-to-day working life. Although I like to think I dress quite smartly anyway, ripped jeans were not part of the dress code! My thoughts first went to Zara, not only are they reasonably priced but also most of their clothing is work-appropriate, and for someone who didn’t have an unlimited budget I could still purchase quite a few bits. Another company I’d heard of was Massimo Dutti, a sister brand of Zara, although more expensive, I feel Massimo offer a lot more in terms of quality, uniqueness and Italian-chic. Not many people have heard of the brand, but I can’t recommend it enough (especially during their sale periods)! Other places I’ve purchased my workwear from include:

All Saints (Great for tops/blouses)


Michael Kors (shoes and dresses)

Reiss (good for trousers)


New Look

Here are a couple of looks I’ve put together since starting (excuse the toilet selfies) …


All Zara


Top: Zara

Trousers: Reiss

Shoes New Look

I’ll keep posting more outfits 😀

Until next time xoxo


One thought on “Introduction to my work life wardrobe

  1. I wish I looked that good at work! Love this post. Would be awesome if you could check out my latest post too xxxxx

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