My First Festival

Hello fashion lovers and festival goers,

Before June I was a festival virgin, so when I decided to attend Wireless I had no idea where to start when it came to what to wear. Having watched festivals like Glastonbury and Reading on TV I was worried about the levels of mud and dirt! However with Wireless being a much smaller festival with no camping and the fact it was in the beginning of the summer, I didn’t have to worry too much about mud and buying a pair of wellies. Also I’m not one for wearing crop tops and high waisted jeans (little too unoriginal for me).

I opted for some white crotchet lace shorts with a black ‘holey’ top with my studded converse (which I don’t mid getting muddy!), and of course a lovely bum-bag where I know I’ll have my valuables in my view and not behind me in a backpack. I also bought a hoodie alongside too because in typical English style the weather looked 50/50!

festival wear

Top: COS

Shorts: H&M

Converse: Schuh

Watch: Michael Kors (I know I know everyone has one, but mines a little different ;))

Featuring a golden tan fresh from Morocco 😉 (check out my insta for holiday outfits: throughtheyesofme)



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