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Larsson & Jennings

Evening all!

I just wanted to do a quick post on a brand I’ve always admired but am yet to purchase from (god knows why!).

Larsson and Jennings are contemporary watchmakers who combine both British and Swedish influences in their watches. I’ve always loved their pieces, very simplistic and understated but can still speak for themselves and require minimal accessorising, something I like. Their price point isn’t too steep either, they range from £204-345 for both men and women. L&J have a similar style to that of Daniel Wellington, in fact some of the straps are basically identical, but L&J have a slightly more luxurious look to them hence a slightly higher price tag.

I do feel I need to venture away from my Michael Kors collection and try out a new and upcoming brand such as L&J. They have a store in Covent Garden, so I’m definitely going to try a few on when I’m next in London and let you know if they’re as gorgeous in person. Here are a few of my favorites from them:

CM Gold – £225

Saxon Black – £315

Saxon GoldSaxon Gold – £345

Check out their website:

Let me know if any of you own one!

LOVE xoxo

(Btw I was not asked to write this post by L&J, simply my own expressions and thoughts)


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