Warming to Winter

Good Monday to you all!!

Hope you all had great weekends and Monday morning hasn’t hit you too bad!

So I thought as the weather is starting to look rather dull and dreary, the sign that Winter is coming, I wanted to start updating my work wardrobe with some warmer winter pieces. Most of us know that winter means Black is making a very dominant reappearance in our wardrobes.

I kind of like wintery colours like plums, mauves and burgundies, alongside the obvious staple black. When I went on a quick visit to the shops I only wanted a couple of jumpers and had a budget in mind, but of course Danielle being Danielle had no self-control and exceeded the budget and bought more than I had expected. To my surprise it all came from Zara, which is normally very Hit’n’Miss but that trip happened to be a happy hit!

So what did I purchase…First thing I picked up was a staple Black structured coat (see right of image). I always struggle to buy coats as I am quite tall the fit is always off, either the sleeves too short or the coat just drowns me, but this one was a perfect fit and will be a great staple in my wardrobe for the colder months. The next two items was a cropped roll neck sleeveless sweater and a hounds-tooth midi skirt (2nd and 3rd item in the picture). I saw these on the rail next to each other and thought they made a gorgeous pair, and with the coat on top -killer! Ngl I do struggle to dress appropriately for the colder months, but this year I am planning ahead so I don’t get quite as many colds! The last item I picked up was just a basic black polo neck top (To the left of the picture), a very versatile piece which can be for both inside and outside of work, with skirts and with trousers. I think you could probably find cheaper ones from H&M or somewhere, but I liked the gold button details on the sleeves. When it comes to polo necks I think a tighter fit suits me better than a bagger fit and will keep me that extra bit warm!

LOVE xoxo


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