Bootea Boom

Hi Guys,

Today’s post is all about detox teas focusing especially Bootea. I tried quite a few of these teas, anything from MateFit Tea to Your Tea to smaller independent brands. Detoxes are supposedly helpful for kick-starting weight loss, or getting rid of toxins every once in a while. They should not be used as a food supplement instead alongside a healthy eating regime. Most of the teatox’s involve one tea in the morning and one before bed. Most of the time, the bedtime tea induces a laxative effect so your body can unload anything bad in the morning, but don’t worry you won’t find yourself getting up during the middle of the night to go!

This is my second time on Bootea, I really enjoyed my first detox, I felt less blotted and just felt in better all round health, not sure whether I lost any weight as I didn’t monitor it, but users boast losses of around 2-8lbs in the two weeks. So this time I’ll be sure to see if it does encourage weight-loss. Also Bootea tends to be slightly cheaper than the other brands I’ve tried as most come from the U.S postage and packaging can become very expensive!

Since my first use of Bootea they seem to have grown massively in terms of product range. When I ordered my first batch they only offered the tea, now they have shakes, vitamins, oats and dietary planning, so I thought I’d give it all a try and purchase the bundle which saves you £22 compared to buying them separately. Included in the bundle is: the Bootea 14day detox, Bootea Shake, Bootea Little oats, bootea shaker bottle and bootea multivits.


I’ll make sure to do a follow up post on how the products work, if they do what Bootea say and whether they’re worth purchasing.

In the meantime here are the other brands I mentioned if you want to have a look for yourself:

LOVE xoxo


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