Oh So Lovely Intimates: A girl’s dream underwear

So this is one for the ladies, actually guys you can be taking notes too with Christmas coming up, start jotting down ideas for those girls in your lives!

Delicate, lace underwear has been growing in popularity and there are so many small independent companies who sell them. I think the trend began in France where women began to show their bra through their clothes. Whether it be through a white tshirt or a low v-neck cut, giving little glimpses of lacy underwear has become a growing trend in the UK, and I think it’s a tasteful way, so showing a ‘bit of skin’.

I think I found this brand through Instagram, and I’m so glad to have found it (I don’t think my bank balance is though :’D). Oh So Lovely Intimates ladies, boast sexy lingerie to help us feel confident, beautiful and free, personally I think they’ve done just that. They’ve got a wide variety of styles and even cater for those with a slightly larger bust which most lace/wire-free bra brands fail do offer.The prices are quite steep for how delicate and  ‘small’ the garments are, but the fact they’re handmade in England and look so unique, the price can kinda be excused.If you are looking for something a little more affordable then Asos, Urban Outfitters and Triangl offer similar alternatives.

Here’s some of my favourite sets from their site:

DSC_4270 (1)

 La Fleur’ Bralette – £45

Pant – £30


Amoureux Emerald Bra – £50

Amoureux Emerald Pant – £35


Vixen Bralette – £38

Vixen Pant – £32


 Lola Bralette – £39

Molly pant – £22

Any of you who already own a piece let me know!

LOVE xoxo


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