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Holiday Series: Top Tips for holidays to Hawaii

Hey fellow bloggers/blog admirers,

Today I am back with my 3rd post in the Holiday Series which is My Top Tips for holidays to Hawaii! Hawaii was my first destination of my two week holiday, I stayed in Honolulu for a week with my family, leaving on Christmas Eve. If you ever get the chance to visit any of the Hawaiian Islands I 100% recommend it, everyone is so friendly, the island is beautiful and it’s just so relaxing. Although I only stayed there for a week I picked up a few tips which I think would have helped me in my holiday preparations and holiday duration, so I thought I’d share them with your lovely selves!


Top Tip 1

Do not pack lots of evening wear (this includes heels)! Normally when I go on holiday I get dressed up for dinner, however in Hawaii the culture is a lot more relaxed and laid back.  So basically everyone is in shorts and a tshirt all day so that’s all you really need!

Top Tip 2

Definitely go on an excursion to Pearl Harbour, there’s so much history to learn there and is a very moving experience. Do shop around though as so many people offer trips there, so make sure you’re getting it at a competitive rate!

Top Tip 3

The weather is sunny all-year-round according to the locals, however their winter does consist of random rainy spells, so if you do visit in their ‘winter’ like I did, do pack an umbrella for those unexpected pour-downs!

Top Tip 4

The Flight. To fly from the UK it took about 18hours, this included 12 hours to LA then 6 hours to Honolulu, we also had a 2hours wait at LA too, so it wasn’t a short flight! My advice here is sleep as much as you can on the flights, you may feel wide-awake due to the adrenaline and excitement but it soon hits you once you land, and can affect you for a few days after too!

Top Tip 5

Food, there are so many places to eat, don’t restrict yourself to your hotel or one restaurant. There’s something for everyone from Steakhouses and Rib shacks to Asian restaurants and Sports Bars. It is quite expensive pretty much everywhere (apart from Denny’s, definitely go there for breakfast, how I miss that place!!) for example it was around $16 for 12 Buffalo wings which is like £10!! But one place you need to visit is the Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki, the environment is banging in there and the food was up to scratch too!


They’re my most evident tips that come to mind, if you have any questions please feel free to comment below but in the meantime here’s some snaps to make you all jealous ;)…

Love xoxo

P.S. Stay tuned for my Top Tips For Holidays To Las Vegas



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