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Holiday Series: Top Tips for holidays to Las Vegas

Hello Hello,

I know what you’re thinking, how good am I for sticking to my 5 day Holiday Series (as promised) well I really want to grow this year as a blogger so (hopefully) you’ll be seeing a more consistent blogger- YAAY! So my 4th post in the Holiday Series brings my Top Tips for Holidays to Las Vegas. Vegas formed the second part of my holiday. I arrived at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in the early hours of Christmas Day, and slept through till about noon :’D. Although it didn’t really feel like Christmas when we were out there I still had an incredible time and experience. So if you’re heading out there yourself here are my top 5 tips for visiting Vegas…

Top Tip 1

If you go in the winter bring lots of jumpers and warm clothing. When I was out there I was told by a very kind British (But now living in Vegas) man that there are two kind of weathers there. They are sunny and hot or sunny and cold lol! So in winter, although it may look sunny and warm outside it certainly is not! I definitely want to go back during a summer (and recommend to others to go during the summer) so I can experience the pool parties too!

Top Tip 2

Go when you’re over 21, in Vegas as you all probably know it’s all about gambling and that 24/7 buzz. However going out there I was only 20, and turned 21 whilst we were there. Before the 28th came and I celebrated my 21st there wasn’t much to do as to drink, gamble and go out you have to be 21 :(! I made the most of it though, visited most of the casinos on the strip, went to the shops, went to Downtown Las Vegas and ate A LOT!! There are also really good game arcades in the Escalibar and New York New York Casinos.

Top Tip 3

Dress to impress during the evenings. Like Hawaii It’s very casual in the casinos during the day, but in the evenings everyone’s getting their heels and LBDs out, looking very glamourous, and heading out for dinner and into the clubs

Top Tip 4

Guestlists. Everywhere you go there are promoters for all the clubs, as a girl you can get free entry into the most exclusive clubs in any casino. The clubs are amazing and often have famous artists playing there. I know throughout the first week of January they had the likes of DJ Khaled and Chris Brown performing across the strip. If you don’t get on a guestlist then show up quite early because the queues can get stupidly long!

Top Tip 5

My final but by no means least important top tip is to visit the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately I didn’t get round to this as not all of us were willing to go in a helicopter and we didn’t particularly want to leave at 7am in the morning and return around 6pm by taking the coach there. Looking back though I definitely would have pushed harder to visit the Grand Canyon, as the pictures were just incredible and it’s a shame I didn’t get the opportunity to see it for myself!


So that pretty much wraps up two week Christmas holiday, my last post in the Holiday Series is going to be on 2016 and what destinations are on the list for this year, so be sure to check that out tomorrow, and again to finish off, here are some pics from Vegas to make you even more jealous ;).


Love xoxo



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