Holiday Series: Hopeful Destinations for 2016

Hello everyone,

So we’ve come to the end of the Holiday Series. I want to that you all for your support and comments on the series, I enjoyed sharing the posts with you all. Today’s final post is on my hopeful holiday spots for this year.
After visiting Hawaii and Vegas it’s made me massively motivated to see more of the world this year, so here are my top 6 destinations for this year (hopefully get to see at least 4 of them!):

  1. Amsterdam– My amazing best friend surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam in February. I’ve never been but always wanted to, so I am massively excited to spend a weekend there and see what all the fuss is about! If anyone has any tourist suggestions on what to do, feel free to comment below!!
  2. Dubai– Although I’ve already been there twice, there’s something about Dubai that drags be back. I’ve even thought about living and working there for a year. I just love the lifestyle, party-life and of course the weather! Hopefully I can get out there again this year and see more!
  3. Mikonos/Santorini, Greece– I’ve been to Greece before and it really is a beautiful place, so I want to see more of the islands. The weather is great, the food is amazing and the people are so very friendly  so why not?! I saw Mikonos on a travel agents advert on Facebook and had a look further into it, and the views certainly look breathtaking and you’ve also got the party side too. Then Santorini is famous for its black sand beaches which would be cool to see also!
  4. Dublin– I’ve heard great things about weekend trips to Dublin. Lots to see and do, with a good night life and not a very long flight! Although I don’t think I’ll be drinking Guinness anytime soon, it’ll be good to get away and
  5. Paris – Another City break I’d like to do during the year. I’ve been to Paris but at a much younger age, so would be good to see it again as I don’t remember much from the previous trip. Lots of culture and attractions to see, as well as I’m a little bit of shopping! Plus it’s easy to get there on the Eurostar from London too. Failing Paris, St Tropez is also deffo on the list, especially as it’s a little hotter!
  6. Barbados– I am still yet to visit the Caribbean despite having a Vincentian heritage, I’ve been meaning to go for the past few years. As much as I want to see St Vincent itself, there will be more to do in Barbados I think, and the flight is less of a hassle. I hope it’s as beautiful as it looks in pictures, clear waters and sea life. Will definitely be jet-skiing out there!
  7. Ibiza– I’m 21 and I am yet to do a ‘drinking/party’ girls holiday, so I think it’s about time I did! Ibiza attracts me with all the pool parties, weather and club life. So I think is one is almost a certainty for 2016.

If any of you have been to these places, please let me know what you thought of them and what to recommend doing there!

Thanks for reading

Love xoxo


6 thoughts on “Holiday Series: Hopeful Destinations for 2016

      1. I’m sure you have heard this before, but go out in Temple Bar! It’s great and the people are so friendly. The Westbury is a very nice hotel if you fancy a splurge, the Temple Bar hotel is good for a more frugal holiday – have stayed in both. Of course get to the Guinness Factory!

  1. Paris is a great city to get lost in. Try to avoid just doing touristy things such as seeing the Eiffel Tour etc. Walk through Pere Lachaise Cemetery which is beautiful or visit the catacombs while both a bit morbid they are different to what you would normally see doing the tourist sites. I also recommend asking a local for ideas for restaurants as the food in tourist areas can be average and expensive. Check out Sundays in Paris for some ideas on instagram for an English written French instagram or any others that you know of.

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