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My eyebrow tattooing experience

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and that Monday morning didn’t hit you too hard! Before I go on to today’s post, I wanted to thank you all for your support and love shown on my previous ‘Diva Look’ post and also my Holiday Series, it’s really rewarding when you put effort into writing these posts and that gets acknowledged.

Anyway onto today’s post.. So for a while now I’ve been really annoyed with my brows; they’re a really hard shape to deal with, my hair doesn’t grow into the right places and one is higher than the other (need I go on?)! They required a lot of maintenance to keep them looking anything near decent or a lot of eyebrow pencil/filler. I’d been seeing a lot on eyebrow tattooing, but felt they all looked too fake and unnatural. Then I came across the individual brow stroke technique, and was amazed by how even people with the littlest of brows can have a full set of real looking brows as below…


So I decided to take the plunge on Saturday and have them tattooed. One, because I wanted to reduce the amount of time I spent every morning on ‘drawing’ them on. Secondly, so they would look equal and require less maintenance, as I only trust one lady with my brows, who is based in my home town, and wasn’t convenient for those ’emergency appointments’. Thirdly, so I can play sport and go to the gym without worrying about my brows smudging or running. I had thought it through for a while and booked my appointment a month before hand so I wasn’t rushing anything as it isn’t the cheapest of treatments and is semi-permanent after all.

The procedure 

I had my brows done by the amazing Susie Bavister in Bedfordshire who has 6 years of experience is semi-permanent make-up. Her salon was spacious, with lovely modern decor and the whole experience and atmosphere was very friendly and relaxing. The procedure took a little over an hour. The appointment started with numbing cream, then we decided on a shape which was drawn on to see what shape I desired and the outcome I wanted to achieve. Once I was happy with that, we decided on a preferred colour, and then it was on to business.

I had two rounds of tattooing on each brow, both with more numbing cream applied in between. I won’t lie some parts of my brow were rather uncomfortable/sensitive, especially on the arch of my brow, but there were no tears or breaks, I just had the thought of having low-maintenance perfect brows in my head as motivation! If you’ve had a tattoo it feels similar, like a scratching sensation. You have to remain relatively still as each strand is drawn on with such precision and the results are truly astonishing and clever.

After my treatment my brows were quite sore and red. Like imagine waxing pain but about 3-4 times more. It does ease off around 2-4 hours after, but I wouldn’t recommend having any plans after having it done!

brows 3


brows 2.jpg




I was advised by Susie I couldn’t allow my brows to make contact with water for a week. Also I was given a cute fabric bag containing a small pot of Grape Seed oil and cotton buds, which I’m to use from Tuesday, morning and night for 3days. After this I should expect some scabbing and the colour to fade. Eventually the colour will return but won’t be as dark as they initially were, which is why you need to top up within 4-6weeks. This ensures the colour and longevity of your results. The tattoos can last upto 5 years with regular maintenance, but you can have top ups every 18months or so.

I’ll be sure to give you another small update in a weeks time to see how they look and also after my top up appointment. Looking at the results now however I am over the moon, I have finally got an arch in my brow which has massively shaped my face, I would 100% recommend this to anyone who is bored of filling in their brows or worried about them smudging throughout the day or just generally have a lack of hair to play with.

I hope you enjoyed this post, again it’s something a little different. But I thought it’d be interesting, especially if you’re considering having the treatment done.

Any questions, comment below ⬇️

Love xoxo


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