The Dam Series: My Top Tips When Visiting Amsterdam


So I’m back with another post in the Dam series. Today is all about my Top 5 recommendations for things to do in Amsterdam. Now bearing in mind I only went for two nights and virtually one and a half days I didn’t have time to waste! Luckily I stayed in The Eden Hampshire Hotel, which was in a good location close to the town centre, so it was a 15minute walk to the high street where all the action is (no needs for a taxi etc)! So here are some of the things I did/would recommend doing out there…


  1. Get on the bikes- On your first day hire a bike for the day, my hotel had a day rate of €15, it gives you a chance to explore Amsterdam and see what you’d like to do. Just grab a map or use your phone and see Amsterdam in its entirety.IMG_2273
  2. Go to the Red Light District at night- During the day as you can imagine there aren’t many ‘Ladies in the windows’, but at night is when the strip comes to life and the windows start to fill. There are also live shows etc, if that’s your scene.. IMG_2302IMG_2300
  3. Pre-book the Anne Frank House online- Sadly when I went to visit the house/museum the queue was round the block (no exaggeration) so unfortunately I didn’t get to experience the history; however I was told if you pre-book online, you can queue jump so this is no-brainer if you’re planning a trip there.
    1. Visit the Museums- Now depending what you’re into will determine the museums you will want to visit. I personally recommend Body World which has 6/7 floors about all aspect of the human body from the development of foetus’ to the digestion system. It’s €18 for entry which is quite pricey, but what is amazing about this museum/exhibition is that it contains real human body parts etc, which is truly astonishing and hard to believe when you’re in there, but it really is worth visiting. The second museum I’d recommend is The Sex Museum, purely for the entertainment value of some of the things in there, and for €5 you can’t really go wrong, there’s lots to see too ;). Something I also saw was a Prostitution Museum, not a clue what you’d see in there exactly, but it is all about the history of prostitution, something worth seeing perhaps?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               IMG_2309 - CopyIMG_2358
  4. Visit the I Amsterdam sign- Although the sign looks better in photos than it does in real-life it still is worth seeing, perhaps when it’s not raining or freezing cold

IMG_2370 - Copy

And on a final note, it’s worth visiting and experiencing the coffeeshops and cafes, especially Lost In Amsterdam as they offer a killer hot chocolate, see for yourselves….                                                                                                              IMG_2375IMG_2373IMG_2378

Love xoxo

Next Up On The Dam Series is: The Last Night x K Label


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