Almau x Selfie Sundays

Hey Guys,

So I’ve discovered another new brand via Instagram (Bank Balance has began to weep). Almau are a British brand whom release collections and once they’re gone they’re gone forever :(. Uniquely designed by Youtuber Anna Maria, there is no doubt that this lady has an eye for contemporary fashion; and looking at the quality of the fabrics I can also understand why for some items the price is a little steep. But like I said if you like something, get it before it has gone. There’s also offers frequently posted on their Twitter page @Almau_eu, so make sure you stay up to date on those and don’t miss out.

I ordered the Light Khaki Tshirt to test the waters, I recently got my NICCE tshirt in Black (see here: so I thought I’d go for Khaki which looks great against tanned skin :D! Delivery was super quick, I ordered on Wednesday around midday and it was delivered Friday morning (happy days!). So I went overboard with the Selfies yesterday featuring my new Almau Tshirt.. Enjoy ;)..



Find my tshirt here:

I’m going to do a post on my eyelash treatment soon (yes they are mine!).

Love xoxo

(This post has not been sponsored)


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