My best advice for curly hair

So naturally my hair is very curly/frizzy, I don’t have the tightest curl pattern, but it’s somewhere in the middle according to the Mizani curl scale! When I was younger I used to get my hair relaxed and texturised which really started to damage my curl pattern and prevent hair growth, so I stopped having those. Then I discovered Brazilian Blow-dries, I don’t know how but these treatments don’t damage the curl pattern but make the hair much more manageable and cuts my straightening/blow-drying time in half (happy days :D), and keeps it straighter for longer too.

So that would be my first piece of advice, get yourself a Brazilian Blowdry. Look on Group-on and Wowcher you can find yourself really good deals so your not paying hundreds.

If you do like wearing your hair curly, I massively recommend leave-in conditioner. Forget crunchy mouses, after washing your hair and rinsing out the conditioner, add a leave-in conditioner. Depending on how greasy your hair gets, I apply quite a lot because my hair is naturally dry. But add some and then wrap your hair in a towel for 10 minutes or so, allowing that extra layer of conditioning. I like Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strengthening Leave-in Conditioner but you can also just use a little bit of normal conditioner too.


Another thing I find helps is instead of combing through your hair during washing, brush through your hair beforehand so it gives your hair a chance to spring the curls back.

What I also find helps the curling motion is to only dry my hair to about 70% with a dryer and let the remaining 30% dry naturally, personally my hair curls better this way.


Get yourself a good serum/oil to banish frizz and to add shine to your curls. My recommendations would be Olive Oil Sheen Mist, L’Oreal Elixir oil and Toni and Guy Age-defying radiance oil serum (this one smells lush!!)


Try not to shampoo your hair too often too. The more shampooing, the more oils you’re washing away, the drier and frizzier your hair will become. Only wash when really necessary and if your hair is out of control just dampen a little, you don’t need to wash your hair everyday!

A final product I will recommend of Sofn’free curl activator and moisturiser, this really helps all of my hair to curl consistently and is really good as a refreshers when your curls are looking flat. It comes in a spray and lotion formula, I personally prefer the lotion as it’s less greasy.


Hope you’ve found this helpful, any tips you have, please feel free to comment below!

Love xoxo



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