My Current Favourites



Hey Guys,

So I thought I’d do a post on something a little different.. I want to share with you my current beauty favourites, things I use daily and would recommend them to anyone…

Favourite perfume

Tom Ford-White Suede


This perfume is literally the bomb. I do love Jasmin Rouge and Neroli Portofino but this for me is my favourite perfume to have ever tried. Although Tom Ford is pricey, the longevity of the perfumes, they linger all day and you really don’t need to use a lot each time. If you like musky, deep fragrances but not a fan of Oud’s this is for you!!

Favourite Foundation

Dior- Airflash


Ever since I bought this product a couple of weeks ago it has been my go-to. Feels so light on the skin and yet lasts the day. If you’re like me and not one for a full coverage foundation I highly recommend Airflash. It isn’t as messy as you’d expect it to be considering it is an aerosol but it is something to get used to, but you can also spray it on your hand then apply to your face so it’s up to you. The finish I love as well as it’s dewy and makes my skin just glow, a solid investment in my eyes.


Favourite Make-up remover

Sephora- Triple action cleansing water


The one thing that makes this make-up remover different to most is its dispensary, with this you just place a cotton pad on top of the bottle and push down which releases the remover onto the pad which I found really neat. Other than that it smells delightful, a gentle scent of cucumber and removes my makeup and mascara without too much of a hassle. Definitely one for your Sephora hauls!


Favourite Highlighters

MAC Gold Deposit – Laura Mercier Peach Mosaic Shimmer Bloc


I couldn’t decide between these two, I think they’re both beautiful highlighters and serve different purposes. Gold Deposit is great if you’re looking for a highlighter which will add a warm bronzy glow to your face. The Peach Mosaic on the other hand offers that show-stopping pale gold glow, beautiful in pictures but can look a bit much for everyday wear (check out my instagram for a closer look at the Peach Mosaic on my skin). So they both get my vote just depends how you plan on using them :).


Favourite Spot Zapper

Skinceuticals – RETINOL 0.3 – Refining night treatment


(My hand is so red in this pic lol) Ever since I visited the ‘Skin’ clinic for a dermalogical consultation where this product was recommended for me, I’ve never used anything else 3years on. I suffer from deep-seated pimples rather than your usual black and whiteheads. They’re usually very painful and red but this retinol cream completely changed that. Whenever I feel one coming through (and believe me you can before they even surface) I just pop some of this on overnight and it kills the pimple before it even hits the surface of my skin. Failing that, putting on existing spots dries them out so quickly and doesn’t leave any scarring either. Oh and don’t be fooled by the bottle size, I’ve literally had this for two years, you only need the tiniest of pumps and just apply to the affected area!


Favourite Brush cleaner

Parian Spirit – Professional makeup brush cleaner


I stumbled across this by chance during a makeup consultation at Hourglass in Liberty’s. I could smell a sweet scent coming from their brushes and asked what it was and it was this brush cleaner. The smell is just one of it’s benefits, it cleans my brushes spotless. Just grab some kitchen towel, add a small amount of the brush cleaner and you’ve pretty much got a new set of brushes in front of you! I’m not sure where else it’s sold, but I purchased mine in Liberty’s.


Favourite Cheek colour

Chanel Les Beiges Blush No.20


From purchasing in duty-free without really trying it on, I use this pretty much daily. It’s so easy to apply and its cream consistency glides and blends into the skin beautifully. The colour is just perfect for me too, the perfect balance of gold pigments with a peachy/rose base means it gives you the glow of bronzer and the colour of blusher, what more could you ask for?!


Love xoxo


2 thoughts on “My Current Favourites

  1. Great favoutites! I am super keen to try the Dior foundation after reading this, it sounds perfect ❤

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