The Dubai Series: Hauling Sephora x Balenciaga

Hi Guys,

Thank you all for your love on my previous post in The Dubai Series on my Evening lookbook. Today’s post I just wanted to share with you a few pieces I picked up on my travels from Sephora and my new trainers from Balenciaga…



Tom Ford

Noir Pour Femme Fragrance – Seriously indulgent fragrance!

Mink Brûlée Nail Polish – A lovely pink/nude colour


Radiant Creamy Concealer – I’ve heard Amrezy rave about this a lot and rates it highly so I thought it was time I tried it for myself

Marc Jacobs 

Glow Stick – Newly released in the UK, this mini deodorant style highlighter sure does pack a glow! I love the creamy consistency too, easy to build.

Beauty Blender

The Original Beauty Blender – I’ve had a cheap eBay knock off beauty blender for a while and it’s looking a little tired so I thought I’d give the real thing a try (hopefully it’s worth the money and I can notice the difference!).

Blendercleanse Solid – Of course I had to get the correct cleaning product for it to ;).


Pearl Sleep Mask – I love Sephora’s own branded skincare products, they’re just so cute. I wanted to try this little mask as I’ve never experienced an overnight mask before, so let’s see if it’s any better than the rest.


Roller Lash – I try to buy different mascaras to see if i’m missing out on a miracle. This mascara is really good at lengthening and curling however it still falls behind my top 2 Grandiose and Full Fat Lashes. So number 3 isn’t bad at all, and I’d definitely recommend!

Niod Photography Fluid- Picked this up on the plane, it’s supposed to be great for getting that airbrushed effect without the need for photoshop. To be worn with moisturiser or mixed with your foundation, i’ll see how this one goes…

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense- Full of glorious hair nutrients and oils, this bottle of ‘serum’ is supposed to visibly improve hair density and length within just two weeks of usage. Who doesn’t need more hair products to help their hair grow?! (Review to come on this for sure)



Arena Lows – Initially I purchased the grey/blue/orange Race Runners but I just felt they were too much for me, the orange was so fluorescent. So when I went into Balenciaga in The Mall of Emirates and saw these fresh white arenas with the gold detailing I knew the swap was mean’t to be!

Love xoxo


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