Fashion Nova Jeans + Zara Leather Jackets = MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN

So I didn’t know what to focus on more in this more in this post, the jackets or the jeans, so i’m going to do both :P. Now most people must of seen these Zara jackets somewhere in one of the many colours it’s been available in. As far as i’m aware this jacket has been/is available in Yellow (as seen below), baby blue, powder pink and the newest release is this beautiful wine colour (see below), which is SOOOO perfect for the A/W season.

Onto the jeans, so unless you haven’t got Instagram or don’t follow many American Fashionistas, you would have heard of the brand Fashion Nova. I was a bit sceptical about ordering from them as you can’t get a full refund (only store credit) and I always struggle finding perfect fitting jeans, but this brand comes close. I love my ripped jeans so as soon as I saw these pairs ‘they were going straight in my basket’. When it comes to the sizing I’d recommend going to your smaller size if you’re in-between sizes, jeans always stretch so I think it’s best to have them tight to start off with, and these do stretch a fair bit too! If you’re thinking of ordering a pair for yourself i’d recommend signing up to their newsletter before buying, as they’ve always got promotions going on for 15-20% off.


(Cheeky bum shot for you to see how flattering they are)

S/S Look

Jacket – Zara (Can’t find online anymore)

Jeans – Fashion Nova

Body – ASOS

Shoes – Office


A/W Look

Jacket – Zara

Jeans – Fashion Nova

Body – Asos

Boots – Zara

Love xoxo


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